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Originally Posted by hamama3 View Post
Had a modded 335, now an M3. 335 had intake, exhaust, jb3 and i regularly ran race fuel and map 9

What I realized is that the 335 feels faster, but even with all those mods, my buddy and I would race and wed be neck and neck. So pretty much 335 feels faster but isnt actually any faster. The low end torque is nice but unless youre one of those people that just chills at 2krpm gear 6 and dont really care about shifting, youll really enjoy the m3 more. My driving style caters to always being above 4k rpm and constantly red lining and I love my m3 so much more than the 335. The 335 tapered off at 6k rpm and has that dead zone from 6-7k rpm. Id much rather be at 8400 than short shifting at 6k to stay in the power band
The 335i with jb3 and intake should be faster then a stock m3, not just the feel