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Originally Posted by Max_! View Post
> It's good if a religion can keep up with the times...
Max, what do u mean if its good if a religion can keep up with times? If its what i think it is, then what value is there in a religion if it is to be based on the present. We have faith in our religion for what value it has held over the years and how people have come to understand the religion. By stating that if a religion can keep up with times, it renders everything that the religion ever held in history invalid. Remeber that the study of history is used to understand the present. Perhaps you mean about cultural 'practices' of any given religion? A religion based on todays society would have far more dire consequences than good. More conflicts, more wars, more racism, everything. Add all up and chain reaction is what you will have. As it is, the present is still an uncontrollable environment. I shudder to think what will ever transpire if what you say is a valid point on any religion can keep up with times. And a religion that can keep up with times, would to me, only have semi-freethinkers as it's followers.