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Originally Posted by eisenb11 View Post
Just curious: could you clarify more on this?

The differences that I know of:

1. different leather
2. M steering wheel
3. M-DCT knob vs gear selector (or non-M DCT knob) on auto
4. M logo on stuff

Are there any other significant differences?
The leather is different, as you mentioned, and that made the biggest difference to me. I hated the 335 leather -- it felt cheap and stiff to me. I even preferred the leather in my 2006 Infiniti G35 coupe. The leather in the M3, on the other hand, is extremely nice and was exactly what I was looking for.

I also have extended leather, which is nice to replace some of the plastic on the inside. The ///M logo at various places in the car doesn't mean much to me, though it's kind of cool on the tachometer. The DCT knob as you mentioned is also very nice compared to the shifter in the auto 335. Additionally, the area around the shifter is black in the M3 and it has whatever trim you pick in the 335 -- I prefer the black look and allowing the trim to just be on the dash and the door to provide needed contrast. Simple wins the day for me.

And yeah, the steering wheel is very thick in the M3. Mostly my comment was referring to the leather, though.