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> I know what people must think

Don't presume to know what I think.

> our holy prophet had 4 wives and he treated them equally! and at the time it was a very normal thing, as men married more than one woman so that he could support her financially etc...

So you should strive to be like the prophet, but it's OK if you don't do that for some things? Isn't that making up your own religion?

It's good if a religion can keep up with the times... But I've come across really silly stuff over the years - girls asking how to hang the washing like the prophet or some guy asking how to wash a car like the prophet. Or how to install car ice like the prophet.

If your religion is to live as the prophet, then you either commit fully to that, or risk your hesitation casting you into darkness.

Say, do you know if there will be only one prophet for all times, or is it possible there may yet be another?