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Originally Posted by Skippy989 View Post
I am so close to pulling the trigger on a set of PSS for my 19' stock M3 rims. I am running worn out PS2's right now and need tires fast. I was all set on the PSS until I found that OEM sizes for 19" rears were not available.

The larger size concerns me a little, will 255/35/19 on the front or 275/35/19 on the rear rub, at all? My M is completely stock.

Will the slightly out of spec sizes effect the balance or handling of the car negatively?

I don't track my M3 (yet) but do drive it hard and spend a lot of time on remote mountain ranges carving canyons.

I've read this whole thread and whatever else I could find on the PSS and opinions seem to be mostly positive. I just want to be sure I am making the right move before I buy.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
I have had them on for a couple months now in these sizes. I get very minor rubbing in the rear, but I have 10mm spacers. Without the spacers it would be no issue. Overall, I think the balance and performance is better. Just got back from the track as well, and they worked great. Get a bit greasy in a 30 minute session.