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Originally Posted by 335e92tx View Post
There is probably no one answer here. I have had very satisfying orgasms with my wife (or prior) and still rock solid within 6 (hell 2) hours..and nope, im not a young chicken.
Just seeing my wife unclothed within 30 mins of sex (with her), and its a rock. And stimulation really does not make or break it. Don't overthink it.

If there is one thing I could offer, it is don't work on holding back - work on being able to push (like emptying your bladder). You can basically keep extra blood going to the member at will - blowing your load really has no bearing once you get control over this muscle group.

Not much of a reader myself - but every guy should have scanned this -

While it was never necessary, I did have a prescription for your common ED drug for a while (bc the wife liked it). The bottle has been on the shelf for the last 6 months and there has been no reason to even open it...

I get what your saying, but what I want to know is, after "shooting coolant from your twin turbos" as the other guy said and then about 3 hours later, are you 100% ready to go again?

I have no problem keeping it up the first time, but after that 1st load, my soldiers need time (about 24 hours) to recouperate and in this case she was ready and I don't think I was...But I couldn't let her go while she's in a f***able mood ya know?