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M3 Premier Clear Bra Installation Review

Hello Bimmerpost,

After going through the pain of seeing my front end chipped on my previous car, I knew itíd be much worse seeing chips on the front end of my brand new M3.

Even before taking delivery, I began researching different clear bra installers in the bay area. My initial research resulted in a few different possibilities including Premier Protective Films International in Fremont CA.

I contacted a number of different clear bra installers for quotes. The prices seemed reasonable but for some reason I was not totally convinced. A good friend of mine was also looking into getting a clear bra and showed one of Premierís posts demonstrating the process and results. He was adamant that Premier was the best choice. Although there was no arguing the quality of the job, I knew from other posts that it would not be cheap and for a couple weeks procrastinated getting a quote.

Finally a few weeks before redelivery I finally gave Premier a call to get a quote. As suspected it wasnít cheap but I decided that Iíd rather pay to have it done once. Premier is booked well in advanced so I made an appointment that would allow ample time.

When I arrived at the facility at 10am, Greg promptly greeted me and immediately began explaining the process and what to expect. Due to the extreme geometry of the M3 bumper a few relief cuts are required to reduce the amount of tension the in material. Also, Greg reassured me they would have no problem accommodating the front tag. I then left my brand new car in the hands of Premier. It is important to note that Premier has a nice waiting with comfortable couches, free wifi and magazines for those who choose to wait.

At 6:20pm I returned to pick up my vehicle. Although my car was not ready I didnít mind. At about 7pm my car was finished and Greg instructed me on required maintenance and the 30 day follow. After finishing my consult and paying, I was off driving happy knowing that my car had some protection against rock chips.

The next evening, I noticed that a section on the front bumper had come loose. The next morning I emailed Premier regarding the issue. Premier promptly responded and after taking a look at a picture of the area asked me to come in that day to have it repaired. My main concern was that an additional relief cut would have to be made or the entire front bumper would have to be recovered to fix the problem. Luckily that was not the case and Premier quickly repaired the area. Once repaired, Greg had me drive around the block to make sure the clear bra was okay. I was then on my way.

Overall the results are great. The coverage is as follows custom front bumper, headlights, full hood, full fenders and side mirrors. I have already had a few people say ďyou canít even tell thereís a clear bra on thereĒ and I always reply ďthatís the point.Ē The results really do speak for themselves but I will add my comments. As stated earlier I chose Premier because I wanted the job done right the first time and they are relatively local to me. The clear bra does require relief cuts for the M3 bumper. They are hardly visible unless extreme close to the bumper. The hood looks great, Iím glad I went with the full hood to prevent a visible seam. The fenders are pristine as well. According to Premier the bottom portion of the mirrors cannot be covered due to the curvature, but as with the bumper the seams are hardly noticeable. Please take a look at the photos and see the results yourself. I am not a professional photographer by any means. Perhaps Premier will be able to chime in with pictures.

In conclusion I want to say thanks to all the people at Premier for an excellent job and providing me with some piece of mind as people cut me off on the freeway. Instead of worrying about rock chips I can now concentrate on enjoying the drive.

Premier Protection Films International
42630 Christy Street
Fremont CA, 94538
(510) 406-1500

Now on to the pictures!