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Originally Posted by alpine92m3 View Post
Anyone has this.. I'm thinking about buying this .. Is it worth it? Yes or no.. Any noticeable gains beside noise ? And what's the difference between oiled and dry filter? Thanks !
What modifications do you have already? Worth it depends on what you have & what you are looking for IMO.

From the Afe site

Pro5R is 5-layers of progressively finer mesh oiled cotton gauze which offers maximum airflow. This media is ideal for those who drive mostly on paved street and highway who want maximum horsepower. 2) ProGuard7 is 5-layers of progressively finer oiled cotton gauze used in the Pro5R media backed by another 2-layers of finer porosity synthetic non-woven media which offers maximum protection. This media is ideal for those who do a lot of unpaved, off-road driving in severe dusty and dirty environments where protection is more important than maximum horsepower. This media is most popular with compression-ignition diesel truck owners. 3) ProDryS is a 3-layer progressively finer porosity synthetic non-woven media, which is oil-free and offers maximum convenience since it does not require re-oiling. This media is ideal for those who donít want the hassle of re-oiling a filter