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Originally Posted by .:bHd:. View Post
If someone is attacking you then you shoot at them not in the air. If someone is attacking your car then you gtfo of the way and wait for a check from the insurance company. Firing a weapon to scare people off is stupid. I know of a moron that did that and it ricocheted off of something and paralyzed an innocent bystander. He's now serving 25 to life. You wanna do that just to protect your precious BMW moron?
Yes, fucking worst idea. But if someone were setting my m3 on fire, Id shoot em dead. cops ask what happend? they were trying to kill me , *points at car in flames* what more evidence do you want?! i was fighting for my LIFE

Shoot to kill, ragingclue is SPOT ON in what he said about weapon use. But I dont own a gun, and dont plan on getting one. I'm never in those situations as long as im in america.
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