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Originally Posted by len56 View Post
i think the ancient mantra suits this well; play stupid games, win stupid prizes

the moment someone puts innocent lives at risk on purpose i lose all respect for them what if homeboy crashed into and killed your friend?

homeboy also shouldn't have had to be dodging a spike strip if he was obeying the law, thats a pretty terrible excuse :P
Yeah i completely understand, I am just saying that putting myself in that situation with a BMW, I would simply be concious on evading the cops, and their traps. I would have swerved to avoid the strip, its possible the driver was just trying to do that. Fucking cop is stupid because he's running in the middle of the road to throw a strip down? negative. Thats not smart. Ive seen strips deployed many times in a proper fashion, this is very half assed. But if the driver was infact going for the cop just for bonus points then that is completely fucked up. I would NEVER run over a cop, thats fucking crazy. I do respect about 1/3 of pigs. the other 2/3 could all go fuck off because they aint honest and have no respect for the people they deal with.

Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
I won't disagree that there are times that one's race could be detrimental to their reception of due process and equal treatment. However, in this situation, I'm sure they wouldn't have given a shit if the offender was black, white, brown, gay, straight, or Lady Gaga.
Yeah, I must say i like how you used Lady Gaga after straight, is that supposed to be the new way of saying gay? lol i agree with you though, if i was a cop and saw someone try to run over one of my boys, I'd pull the taser out.

but at the end of the day, the biggest thugs in the city are police. We have the right to remain silent, and they have the right to remain violent.

Real talk.
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