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i wanna see what u guys post
mine is porsche 2006 cayenne turbo s
did routine maintainence often, never pushed it, babied all its life
10k miles- engine stopped on highway, no limp mode just 0 mph, ecu replaced after 10 days
23k miles- the turbo broke and gave almost no boost, replaced
30k- didnt start up, ecu again
41k- the car didnt rev over 3k rpm, ecu to blame
54k- engine broke on highway, caused big holdup
60k- didnt rev over 2 rpm, dealer said "unfixible"
i just sold the car to junk yard for 15k
couldnt deal with it any more
my wife also had an 2009 audi a4
at 10k turbo blew
my f01 bmw has been pretty good so far, on needed to reset ecu once becuase of bad trottle response

Did you get it new?

The least reliable car i have owned is 2003 SL500, with the extended warranty which covered bumper to bumper. I had it for 6 months , 5k miles

ABC shocks and two valves $11,000
CD changer , my cds were stuck in the changing box
A/C pump
Unable to change the gear, locked in P
Central lock vacuum pump
fuel tank

The total parts and labor is more then $ 15,000
yes i purchased brand new