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Originally Posted by Kiemyster View Post
Your right, any one who aggrivates the cops is cruisn for a bruisn'. But once again, to say it correctly, the officer is less likely to "check his fire" if the person in the corsshairs is not white. Yes, cops will beat everyone down, they are hungry for power and all that fun stuff, but you can hide from what im saying. there is some truth to it.

But I feel you, its annoying to hear people play the race card. lol its not like i really care, im just speaking on the black mans behalf ahahaha

personally, I wouldnt mind being beat up by a cop. Would make for a fat fucking lawsuit, and given my lawyers, I'd be able to finally get that helicopter I always wanted. lol
I won't disagree that there are times that one's race could be detrimental to their reception of due process and equal treatment. However, in this situation, I'm sure they wouldn't have given a shit if the offender was black, white, brown, gay, straight, or Lady Gaga.