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Originally Posted by panicos81 View Post
a crocs natural instinct is to bite.. a police officers instinct is to beat somebody up?

they could have lift him with the force they did for him not to "fight back" but when they through him down they did it rather violently.. in other situation (i.e if the person wanst on a wheelchair) i would accept that behaviour as acceptable.. but in that situation, unless he drew a gun on them i dont excuse it..
My point was, WTF do the croc's instincts even have to do with a situation that the fucker was dumb enough to intentionally create in the first place. I think you missed that part because you don't see or process any part of the situation that happened before the dude gets roflstomped.

Also, like was stated in that thread where the video of wheelchair guy was originally posted (search for threads created by Vanity I believe), there are plenty of bums who are completely capable of walking who have found wheelchairs as a nice bum accessory. I see them all the time around here. Also, some of these bums are nasty, they cut the shit out of each other and often carry some sort of self-defense tool or even needles.... The cop is supposed to assume that the bum was just light-heartedly trying to punch him in the face and nothing more serious was to follow? I think not.

You're also implying that people in wheelchairs without a confirmed disability should be subject to different procedure when assaulting police officers. That's stupid. Equal rights for everybody, you puch a cop, prepared to be subdued, which is exactly what happened. The fact that anyone watches that video and claims "police brutality" appals and disgusts me to no end.