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Originally Posted by panicos81 View Post
there was an incident here a couple of years ago, police stopped two students a saturday night and bit the hell out of them because as they say they did not cooperate.. now the funny thing is that somebody was filming this and the police appears to beat them after they had handcuffs on.. i will try to find the video.. you know what happened to them? a money fine!!!! because the guy that had the camera was too afraid to testify and the video alone does not stand!! wonder why he was scared..
Yeah that sounds like a completely shitty situation and all, but it is completely irrelevant in a situation where we're talking about a guy who intentionally tried to run over a police officer with an automobile. Completely irrelevant although I do agree with you that in a situation like the one you described, it's sad that those events transpired like they did and cops like that should be beaten themselves.

Originally Posted by Kiemyster View Post
If it were a fucking white man this would not have happened.
LOL I guess SOMEBODY had to go ahead and say it.... After all, modern society is based on the strategic play of the fucking race card. They wouldn't have given a shit if he was white or black in this situation. Some situations, that argument is valid, but in a case where the dude tries to run down an officer? Get that shit out of here already. A cracker woulda got beat to.

Originally Posted by panicos81 View Post
wtf?? tough guys.. even if they had to take him down.. couldnt they just put him on the floor? they had to throw him..
Once again, you're looking at a video where the suspect had displayed violent aggression towars the officers, and they have every right to put him in a controllable position. They didn't beat him afterwards or anything, and it sucks that the dude cut his forehead, but really? You ever see the dude that stuck his head in a croc's mouth and then got chomped down on? Croc's fault right?

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