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An update to my update to my search

I had a thread a long time ago that i stated when i bought an Integra Type R online. The seller didn't disclose that it was
boosted and generally heavily drag raced and abused before all mods were taken off, no deal unfortunately.

So, after a long time. i finally have an update to my fun car dilemma. i liked it a lot. CPO 135i, everything except comfort
access and navigation. There was a huge trip involved in getting it home (1600 miles) that i thoroughly enjoyed as a
little break from monotony.

The only disappointment way Coral Red looked not having seen it in person (too bright). I was expecting a bit more
discreet tone of red (but i guess it goes well enough with the car) and the fact that i might now have to get rid of the

Some little backroad in Alabama. No mods forever except maybe BMW Perf Exhaust, ill buy a 400HP car if i want one.
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Being a fan of Honda engines, I requested that they consider building for the F1 a 4.5 liter V10 or V12. I asked, I tried to persuade them, but in the end could not convince them to do it, and the McLaren F1 ended up with a BMW engine.