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Originally Posted by panicos81 View Post
i have seen this video a long time ago.. dont remember where though..

now, i cant believe that most of you say that he deserved it, or even one mentioned he should have been shot..

the police is there as i remember to protect, assist, lead people to justice.. since when is punishment the role of the police?? thats the courts job..
i hope they get kicked out and put to jail. but usually the system covers this things.. a small slap on the hand getting them fired.. maybe re hired later on another post..

there was an incident here a couple of years ago, police stopped two students a saturday night and bit the hell out of them because as they say they did not cooperate.. now the funny thing is that somebody was filming this and the police appears to beat them after they had handcuffs on.. i will try to find the video.. you know what happened to them? a money fine!!!! because the guy that had the camera was too afraid to testify and the video alone does not stand!! wonder why he was scared..

found a video.. here:

Does sarcasm not reach you over in Cyprus?
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Straight PIITB. Then eat dumplings.