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Smile Paleolithic diet works, anybody try it?

So I've been a gym rat for a few years now and I've tried different types of workouts, supplements, and different types of "diets" and although I've made gains in the past (in regards to fat loss, strength, and muscle mass) but it hasn't been at the level or rate I hoped for. With that being said, I've recently adopted the paleolithic diet and a 2-on-1-off split body workout and I've never seen my body react so positively (5'9" 175lbs 8% BF- 325 BP, 365 squat). For those of you who aren't aware of the Paleo diet (and may want to switch things up in the gym), the basics of a paleo diet consist of lean meats/fish (protein), nuts (fats/protein), vegatables (carbs), eggs (protein), fruit (carbs)- and absolutely no processed food/candy (i.e. grains like rice, bread, pasta, cereal, cake, ice cream, etc). I deviate from the "diet" in two ways; I drink skim milk every morning as well as a whey protein shake (Gold Standard 100% whey) after my workout each day and I also take Animal Pak multivitamins.

Below is a basic sample structure I've adopted with the mentality of training with high intensity for 35-45 min daily as opposed to 1-2 hrs 3 days per week. I use a reverse pyramid approach; 3 sets of each exercise which goes from 3 reps @ 85% of max to 6-8 reps @ 50% of max. I also switch up the rep range every few weeks. Again, this is a rough sample with a limited amount of exercises which also need to be switched up every few weeks in order to continue muscle growth. I add in high intensity interval sprints for cardio about 2-3 times per week AFTER I lift for about 10-15 min depending on my schedule and if I have time.

Monday: Legs

squats/ db lunges/ weighted calf raise/ leg curls

Tuesday: Chest/Abs

Bench Press/ Rope Crunches/ Incline DB press/ Hanging Leg Lifts/ Cable Flys/ Decline Med ball twists/ Decline bench press

Wednesday: No lifting, 30 min moderate cardio

Thursday: Back

pull ups (vary grip)/ low row/ dead lifts/ pull downs (wide and close grips)

Friday: Shoulders/Traps

DB shoulder press/ shrugs/ lateral raise/ front raise/ arnold db press

Saturday: 30 min moderate cardio

Sunday: Biceps/Triceps

Barbell curl/ skullcrushers/ hammer curl/ dips/ wide grip ez curl/ tricep rope extension

and on and on... remembering to switch things up often, train hard, eat clean, and get 8 hrs sleep. Anyhow, good luck with your fitness goals. Let me know if you adopt the same approach I have and what your results are after 2-3 months.