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Originally Posted by GewoW View Post
i seriously wonder what would happen if someone got in and drove off...would the car have enough power to plow through some people and then others would move away? or would you hit a few people, be stopped by that and then be jumped and probably killed? can the masses stop the car? would it be best to back up first?

if there's someone who can scientifically rationalize this, that would be cool
I dunno about a smart car, but the German V10 with many hundreds of horses should have no problem plowing through a few humans
check out the video of the van crushing protestors in Egypt, it clears a whole bunch of people (not condoning that, they actually had a reason to riot, not just some spoiled teens), and that's just a van.

speaking of spoiled teens, I was watching the Canadian news on my igloo TV and man some kid who set a cop car on fire came from some big ass mansion, dad was a doctor, etc. WTF?

it's hella funny though, they read out the names of some rioters with pictures and ALL their personal info. Get owned. More to come too lol. Have fun vancouver 5-0 :P
i love german cars