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Originally Posted by Navin323i View Post
Was this issue 1st and 2nd gear grind affecting only 2008 M3s or does it affect 2009 thru 2011 as well?
Originally Posted by OC3 View Post
'Baulking' I experienced w/ 2008 M3 was when trying to downshift into 1st gear at certain speeds. It was clearly resisting. Fixed that by going w/ DCT on the next lease.

1st-to-2nd shifts were, however, grinding. In my case, it was always at low-RPM shifts. High-RPM/WOT 1st-to-2nd shifts were always smooth.
I had similar problems with my 2011, so it might be the whole model run.

Dealer, and BMW corporate could not find any other poeple with probs with 1-2 low RPM grinding. They thought for the first few months that I was the problems. Then I video taped a very slow methodical 1-2 shift at about 2500 rpms. CLearly showed that I wasn't causing the problem. Mine only occurred on the first or second 1-2 shift after the car sat for several hours and the trans was cool. Once normal operating temp was reached is shifted normally. I went through 3 gearboxes, clutch, throwout bearing, the master cylinders, and changed the fluid. Never figured out if it was a 2nd gear synchro problem with the factory gearbox, or if something was wrong with my car's drivetrain. In the end, they gave up, and I traded it for a new DCT fitted car.
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