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Originally Posted by rldzhao View Post

The car definitely benefits greatly from having more rear rubber when you power out of corners.

My philosophy has always been that you add traction to the axle that needs it, not the other way around... until you reach a certain limit of course. For understeer, you would add rubber to the front axle, not remove traction from the rear axle.

There is a reason why BMW went with staggered, 8.5/9.5 stock M3, 9/10 ZCP/GTS, 9.5/10 GT4.

Here's my set up FYI.

18x9.5 / 18x10.5
265/35/18 / 295/30/18
Nothing wrong with this approach, but it's all relative to personal style and experience. After several track seasons in a ZO6, the need for rear traction was very clear, and always a challenge, so the need for bigger rear tires was compelling. Handling balance was neutral, and any understeer was easily adjusted with the throttle. In comparison, the E92 M3 is relatively heavy, with modest power. I find the 275 tire all around is a good setup, for me. Others may find the car too loose, especially if they are not experienced in driving a car that requires much more subtle throttle management than the M3. The safer approach is always best, and the E90 series M3 handles very well with a staggered setup.