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boku no namae ha...

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okay so you keep labeling her as innocent... if the law was that it was illegal to marry a Sunni boy (whether it was written law or not)... and if she did fall in love with him... would it justify in some punishment? maybe death is harsh but rules are rules...

i dont believe in a higher being... i just believe in karma... a good amount of good and a good amount of bad happen. that is the control... what is good and what is bad is relative... not getting rained on is good--although it may be good at a small level, it is good nonetheless... accidentally falling off your bike is bad... although its hardly bad in the general scheme of things, it is bad nonetheless.

whatever, im done with this... it was good to know how you guys all feel though... i mean it is the typical american stereotype to think of other cultures as unsophisticated... but imo i would rather accept a culture and let it evolve on its own than blatantly say NO THATS WRONG when I am an outsider who knows barely anything about who they are. i could easily say christianity is wrong... but why bother... i'd have a few thousand crusaders at my door.
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