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A'hem, "torque vectoring" is a technique or method of power transfer in the AWD system. The system that the GT-R uses is just more effective when coupled with its dual-clutch transmission. It doesn't multiply torque or alter output in any fashion other than routing power to the wheel(s) that have the most traction.
i'm quite familiar with torque vectoring, and you seem to be somewhat rudely agreeing with me? the broad fact that it's awd is not why it's fast... it's due to the specifics of the awd system in that particular car. similar to the awd system in the x5/6m. compare this to another awd car like an audi s4 and you'll see a very different result. open front, center, and rear diffs move power in the least effective way possible, very much unlike the gtr, but still very much awd. in short... how does the gtr do it? torque vectoring.

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haha that's one of the dumbest things i have ever heard.
you're just mad cause you like audis and their awd system sucks. you're not alone. i own a b5s4. its awd system sucks. enough directionless antagonizing. don't turn this into a useless forum.

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