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Originally Posted by Mk335i View Post
No it's not illegal to have a camera but to have it on in some places while pulled over is. It can also be used to give me a ticket for speeding, no signal, no full stop, etc. They can basically take it and use it against me whenever I get pulled over or something happens. In my city we have a lot of corrupt power tripping cops and to have it visible is asking for it to get taken away.

I AM NOT LOOKING TO BUY A GO PRO. I don't care if it has unmatched quality, it doesn't even loop on itself and is the size of a softball (with mounting). High resolution is not my top priority. I just need something to show who's at fault of an accident, not something to make movies with...

Then buy said linked crap and call it a day.
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Simply put, i dont want to end up on youtube because i like to deep throat a popsicle.