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Originally Posted by just4kickz View Post
well that goes back to the ingroup and outgroup bias... western civilization bases around individualism whereas eastern civilizations bases around community... one person's actions translates to the reputation of a community..
We're not judging them based on just one person. Arranged marriages are common in those cultures but to make people choose between that and death is just wrong. Also, when the girl was stoned to death there were MANY people watching and a bunch of others that threw the stones. If she was stoned to death by just one person and nobody else watched we would say "wow that's very unfortunate. He should be punished". In this case it's just WRONG. Come on now, an innocent girl is being killed and others just stood around and watched??? that's pathetic.

Originally Posted by just4kickz
we dont understand their culture and yet we judge them... western civilization isnt so different... it is still a facade for many things wrong..
Actually we do understand their cultures. That's what allows us to judge them. Think about it- those people are so consumed in their religion/culture because they've never been outside of that protected bubble. Once a person leaves that culture/religion and travel to a different religion, they will realize just how suffocating the bubble was. I must clarify that I am not claiming that we understand EVERYTHING in their culture, only an overview of it. You cant never judge anything without at least comprehending it somewhat.

It's like watching a 2 minute review of a 24 episode. While we wont know all the details, we would still know what's happened and the critical events in the show.

Originally Posted by just4kickz
& to the argument that if god created man, god should be the one to punish man... i gotta laugh at that... im thinking prisons, court, death sentences--that is not god's work, that is man's work...goin dummy.

We're not talking about punishments for committed crimes. We are talking about an INNOCENT girl being stoned to death for falling in love. While it might be man's work when punishing crimminals, killing an innocent person should not be man's decision.

One last thought- how do you know that there isnt someone out there controlling man?? Perhaps everything really does happen for a reason.