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If something like this starts and I see people hitting my car, am I legally allowed to take a gun and start defending my car?

In a way, if I tell them to stop, they will beat me/try to beat me, thus it's self defense... but if I start shooting and people are killed, would I be charged with murder/man-slaughter? or will my lawyer be able to get me off without any issue(s)?
Shoot first, ask questions later. You have the right to defend your property.

If they die from being shot it's their fault.
Not in Canada. Hate this legal system where the victim sometimes gets off worse than the attacker.

I read this one story where somebody defended their home/family from an armed burglar, and they were put on trial for hurting/ killing the burglar (I forget what happened). Luckily the judge had some common sense, was just like WTF, and let him go
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