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Originally Posted by BTM View Post
Just like when people in the ghetto are just going about their business and get hit with a stray bullet...they're not innocent either, innocent people aren't around when a shooting happens
Well people in the ghetto sometimes just stand outside

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If something like this starts and I see people hitting my car, am I legally allowed to take a gun and start defending my car?

In a way, if I tell them to stop, they will beat me/try to beat me, thus it's self defense... but if I start shooting and people are killed, would I be charged with murder/man-slaughter? or will my lawyer be able to get me off without any issue(s)?
If its you car I would say no (unless you're in texas).

If you are being assaulted and feel your life is threatened then yes you have the right to defend yourself.

The truth is one gunshot up in the air would have scattered that entire crowd of cowards and that would have stopped it. People that do that are scared just like anyone else, they just are immature and careless.