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Originally Posted by len56 View Post
fucking rioters. there's little i hate more when people riot for no reason or some bullshit reasons. u mad bro? hell fucking yes. just watching this makes me want to have them all hang (not the innocent bystanders :P).

and gooooodddd god... those girls with that m5... i would kill each of those vacant brained fucks hitting their car.

realistically if i was defending my car, i would just get in and put my foot down. fuck anyone who is trying to damage it. (i'd reverse as well to make sure i clear out all the sons o bitches :P). i'm sure my lawyer could put it too 'self defense in fearing for my life'

this guy was doing the right thing and look what happened:

could put a bullet in their each of their heads and sleep like a baby afterwards.

good god i would have so much fun with this there...

saving world resources and practicing my headshots at same time! ...

shit i'm going crazy lol
Yeah panic may have ensued after several rioter heats explode and spew grey matter all over the place, but I think it would be very effective in curbing the idea that continuing to riot was a good idea. Plus, it would be good for the gene pool. It's a win-win situation.

And I wish that M5 owner had been armed and well-trained. A bunch of so-called men ganging up on a woman and destroying her property like that.... And all the phags that stood around and watched it happen.... What a bunch of fucktards.

Canada, I am disappoint.