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As a YVR local, I'm happy to report that the city is back to its normal state. Hoards of folks came out yesterday and volounteered to help clean up our beautiful city. Downtown is busy with cars and pedestrians and except for the window repair crews working to fix the glass, its business as usual.

Let me say that the riots had absolutely nothing to do with hockey or the Canucks losing the Cup. The perpetrators of this mess came prepared to start a riot, win or lose. It appears to be the same organizers that tried to pull shit during our pre Olympic events. And the few hundred drunk idiots that were suckered to join, well, most of them are not even from Vancouver. Most of the trouble making bastards train-in by the boatloads from Surrey and other savoury suburbs. (offense intented)

There's also a lot of bashing of the police by people who have no clue of the events. The police actually did a damn good job. Hindsight has proven their calm and concentrated efforts to be the wiser of choices. When you have to deal with a crowd of 100 thousand people and when 99.9% of the crowd is innocent, you simply cannot charge in and tear gas the crap out of everyone. That would create an instant trampling stampede. They cleared the downtown core section by section and this gave time for people to get on the trains out of the city to go home. Of course it hurt to watch cars and stores get trashed but the only thing that got hurt was our pride and inanimate objects that can be replaced.

We have tons of pictures and we have a public that wants revenge. The real citizens of Vancouver are pissed off.