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Originally Posted by PaulBailey@ltbmw View Post
I'm selling 2011 1M coupes for anywhere from $5k-$7.5k over MSRP.
Do you consider those buyers suckers for paying the market adjusted price for something that is going to be limited?
Yes, they are very much so. The 1M is not limited edition as BMW stated very clearly that they will build as many as the demand will ask for. What is limited is the time period to be sold (until December)

This M3 is even more exclusive... Yet there was no mark up over MSRP.
Killer deal IMO
Pricing mark up is what a dealer impose, manufacturers pricing is a suggestion.

This is not the forum for you, dude. We have some really serious sponsor dealers here that will gangbang you in pricing in no time -not that they would like to do that, but it will feel like it.