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EDC Malfunction after pulling camber pins, REALLY!?!

So I just pulled the alignment pins to attain more negative chamber from this DIY:

I followed everything to a T and even went and picked up some beers as per the directions haha. So everything went perfect, I even got an alignment afterwords and then like 15 minutes after I get the alignment, "EDC malfunction" comes up. I did use all 3 EDC settings after pulling the pins and did drive around for 50 minutes and then after the alignment the message came up. Here are the alignment specs I am currently running:
Front left -1.75 camber, 1/32 toe
Front right -1.4 camber, 1/16 toe
Rear left -1.57 camber, 1/16 toe
Rear right -1.31 camber, 1/16 toe

I even had a friend come over and bounce the car up and down while I turned the wheel to let the suspension settle. The only thing I didn't do was to roll the car forward and backward very far because my driveway is a steep decline after the garage. Could this be the issue? I didn't allow the suspension to settle enough?

I pulled both EDC modules off an reattached and they look fine. If you fix a problem on a BMW does the error message go away or do you have to bring it to a service center no matter what? I may have to bring it to the dealership tomorrow morning, dammit! Anyone have any suggestions?
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