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A4 VS GTI VS Passat CC (out of country situation) ,need inputs

Sup guys.

I am currently in China at the moment for business, i will stay there for more than 4 years( of course vacation back to NA).
Now i am buying a dailydriver for my need.
the city i live has a very cold winter(-30 C) and a somewhat hot summer(30+ C). winter time is more than 4 months a year, normally 5 months. with heavy snow too, but thats not a very big problem since chinese clean up snow amazingly quick.

My budget is around $400,000 chinese.
My choices and price are:

2011 B8 Audi A4L Loaded( long wheelbase version, they only have this kind A4 in china)
FWD(AWD version costs almost 2 times of the price, wtf).
Good brand and more grown up(for picking up chicks too lol)
2.0T engine with CVT tranny(damn it again).
with all the good stuff like leather, MMI 3G navi and so on.
$390,000 OTD(in chinese,same as below)

2011 B6 VW GTI 5Door(no 3 door in china)
2.0T engine with 6 speed DSG dual-clutch.
its kinda the fully loaded version in NA, with leather seat, RNS 510 navi etc.
$270,000 OTD

2011 Passat CC Loaded
2.0T engine with DSG
cool looking car
$350,000 OTD

they are all assembled in China with 80%+ of the original parts.
warranty for audi is 2 years unlimited KMs.
warranty for VW is 2 years 60K KMs.

I was considering Subaru Forester 2.5T as well, but it costs $20K more than the A4L. plus im single, i don't really need the extra big space.

A little bit for myself:
I grew up in Vancouver BC. and I am in my late 20s.
I drive e92 335i and Mercedes ML63 back in vancouver.
the winter sucks in China so I will not buy an BMW, they do not have X-drive 3 series, and the new X3 35i costs $770,000 OTD. just can not afford it. The Q5 2.0T loaded is over $600,000 OTD.

I will daily drive the car and for some business use too.
the price tag in china is just crazy, and doesn't make any sense at all.

Any inputs? or maybe other suggestions?
Thanks in advance!
BTW: GOD! i DO MISS america!!
2015 G63 AMG incoming

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