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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
And even that would be surprising, since the PSS is rated as 'ultra-high performance summer', compared to 'max summer' for the PS2, is it not? And the maximum street rating, 'extreme performance', is where the other 2 mentioned belong indeed, so they should clearly be superior on a track.

Hey Ben, when the hell are you going to get the 255/35/19 in DWS? Apparently the 275/35/19 is in stock, but not the front size. Been waiting since March, when I was told by May. And now it seems like 2 more months. What's going on? You can PM me so I don't hijack the thread more than I already did . Thx.
Some sources do not distinguish between 'max performance' and 'ultra high performance' for summer tires. The PSS would fall into the max performance category in our system. Others may call it a UHP, but they woudl have called the PS2 a UHP.

I sense a bit of frustration on the DWS, and I share your sentiments. They have been a nightmare to keep in stock in many sizes, and Conti gives us very little in the way of reliable ETA. If you are able to wait and do not have an order in place, you should get your order in so that you are on the list. When Conti gets around to sending them, it is usually a small quantity at first.
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