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Drives: 2012 Challenger RT Junk
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my passed cars

1997 Integra
2004 SRT4
2005 STi
1998 WS6
2008 Scion XB
2006 SRT8300C
2004 SRT4 (again)
2007 BMW 335i

sad to say - the BMW is a shitbox compared to all of those cars.

in the 8 months i had it, i've taken it to the dealership twice. neither of my garbage SRT4's went in for any mechanicalelectrical issues.

the first SRT4 would get trashed and dogged weekly. the STi took about 75% of that same abuse only because i was getting older and had a baby.

the american shitbox GM even stayed together but it was my A4 daily driver.

the Scion was always on point and the SRT8300 is full beast mode.

**knocks on wood** my cars have always been well maintained and taken care of.

.....BUT, if you're comparing which one has given me the MOST problems, i'd have to say the trashy BMW - freaking sensitive ass car.