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Replaced PS with re-11's-MANY ISSUES- Got em on new BBS wheels from Tire Rack and they shook real bad- installer said they used a ton of weights at Tire Rack and did not quite balance them and that they could not do much better as tires were out of round. Second set was easier to balance and had road force of only 2 and 11 lbs. but wheel and floor of car continue to vibrate and I get lots of "chuffing" in tight turns- took it to Motor Works West who helped me realize that , essentially the tires flat spot every time the car is parked for more than an hour or two. It takes 20-30 mins of highway driving to smooth out! Not fun at all. IMHO should NOT be sold for street use. BTW it's fine in the rain, the ride is fine-I could understand if track oriented tires had those issues. This is just not cool.