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Cars with only manual... Past or present? Evo ix's and down. Z4Ms. Im sure there are plenty more.

Originally Posted by E92_SID View Post
I would have to disagree. I love BMW and especially BMW M but I am not going to automatically believe in anything they throw out there just because it has the M badge.

I will agree that the 1M has its place in the BMW line up for a particular consumer however, what I am trying to say is just that the M3 represents the epitome of BMW M and the #1 recognizable trademark car for BMW. If you tell people that you drive an M3, more people are going to recognize what that is then if you tell them you drive a 1M or a C63 or an S5.

I did notice that they opted for a DCT M3. I guess that is because it was another difference to be discussed as well as a favorite feature/gimmick on the M3. It would have been cool to see them compare the 6mt vs the 6mt. I wonder what they would have said about those differences.

The one really cool thing that I like about the 1M is the fact that it is only available in 6MT. Someone name any other car that like that? I think it is cool that BMW attempted to make a car that is for driving purest and thats it!
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