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Ha.. This is all crazy. There is no reason why we should be paying 5 or 6 dollars a gallon. I like driving fun cars and its BS to punish me for it. This is not Europe or any other country that I can walk 10 min to get a bottle of milk. In FLORIDA I have to drive 10 to 15 minutes on a 60 mph road to get milk. (That includes getting out of the long ass gated community that they just lowered to 25 MPH) I live in a populated area and not in the middle of know where.

Shit to get to school it takes me 30 minutes. I love my car and the MPG for the power Im getting but gas is nuts.

I really like everything about Dubai and I have seen a lot. But Im not sure if others have seen the parking garages all of these oil sheiks have to put there 10 ta 30/40 cars in. Im not knocking them, Im just saying would you like to give up your passion to funds others hobbies.

"Speed never killed anyone its very important to get that straight, Speed has never killed a soul. Suddenly becoming stationary thats what gets people." - Jeremy Clarkson