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Best and Worst:

'99 E36 M3

Tramsmission issues: Beginning at 3000 miles...was hard to get it into 1st and 3rd gears. Was at the dealership @10times (Couldn't duplicate) Finally replaced entire transmission at 38000miles (Warranty. At dealership 2 weeks).

Broke 6 foglights.

All gauges stopped working for a few days. WOOHOO a no mile roadtrip.

A brake squeal from new. Not the normal when your brakes are at the wear indicators. rotors and pads. Those lasted till 5000 miles. Another complete warranty on new pads and rotors.

and my favortie...5 times the traction control unit and parts had to be replaced.

Even with all the problems, this was a fantastic car. My 135 is not near what this car was. (I was hoping) So balanced and precise.

As far as BMW service, FANTASTIC. All in all they probably had my car 30+ days, I didn't mind being without. Always had a BMW loaner vehicle ready for me. Called me Mister ... lol. Once even while I visited Florida, I had a Z3 vert. Got to drive a bunch of their cars. Z coupe was my favorite. Even the E36 128 was a fantastic car. Got to know the service manager well at my local BMW service. He even told me, "Don't ever own any high-line vehicle out of warranty, unless you don't care about money."

But sadly and happily let her go after 3 years and 45000 miles.

miiipilot '16 MG M2, DCT, Exec. Took Delivery 4/30/16