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Originally Posted by Badmaash View Post
Peace upon you brother,

I was very sad.. saw the article yesterday. Ruined my whole day.. not that my day is something significant in this scope, but it saddens me to see stuff like that. Even now Im sad to see it. I am muslim as well, she wasn't doing anything wrong. Humanity has transgressed, God help us.
Gods gift to mankind and everyone being unique, and for this girl, young and pretty, to go through this, is simply wrong. Modern societies has brought law and justice to people. How can this be an act of justice and humiliation to one who has fall in love? I just guess all of us have to be grateful the place we come from, have in all sense, civil and morally sound people. I wish i could helped or do somethingfor that poor girl, like a donation on something but thats not gonna change or improve things. Its just the way this world is being sold out to the devil himself.