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Originally Posted by Draman View Post
2006 B7 A4 2.0T.

6k miles - coil pack
9k miles - coil pack
14k miles - coil pack
20k miles - pressure control valve
21k miles - coil pack
24k miles - coil pack
30k miles - coil pack, also developed a headlight flickering problem (lights would turn on and off rapidly, then stay off and give me a dipped headlight error. Dealer refused to acknowledge or fix it, told me the problem could not be reproduced)
34k miles - coil pack

I'm surprised I held onto the car for so long, but after that coil pack and the ridiculously dangerous headlight problem I finally gave up on it. Thank god 35k on the E93 and no hpfp problems (or any problems for that matter).
Goddamn! Coil pack issues? Really? I thought that was only an issue on the 1.8T?! I had a 2.0T GLI before my current Bimmer and the main problem was... everything hahaha. PCV, DSG transmission, crank shafts... the list goes on. So many recalls in a matter of 2 years of ownership. My sister owns the new S5. How are you liking yours?