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Originally Posted by number335 View Post
I agree with real change needs to be done from within (the government). But that change won't happen if we sit on our laurels and do nothing. People need to demand change...but we are headed in a direction where even our voice doesn't matter much anymore. This Anonymous group is at least doing something that our lazy asses won't do. I don't think their main objective is to get rid of Bernanke. I think the bigger objective is to get people to realize that they are being suckered into a system that is destined to fail in the long run if we don't do anything about it. If the media won't report the real issues behind this failing economy, someone has too.

Ding ding ding!.......I was going to post that myself but didnt want to waste my time.

Anony. knows damn well they will not get rid of Bernanke cause they have no say or realistic means to do it...Getting rid of BB will only happen if 10K's of people march on Washington everyday for the next month protesting BB, then I guarantee you Bernanke will go....but only to replaced by another crony.

So their ultimate goal is to raise awareness get people talking about what the Fed Reserve actually is and does and people will start to understand why things happen the way they do.

If 25% of the population understood who the Fed Reserve actually is and what they did, I guarantee you there would be massive protests and a revolution would take place ...the Fed Reserve would most likely be gone then...even Henry Ford said almost a 100 yrs ago that "if the people truly understood how banking actually works, there would be a revolution overnight"...its amazing the stuff people from 100-200 yrs ago said about society...anyone read what Thomas Jefferson said about banking over 200 years ago...its quite shocking how accurate and astute they were back then.