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I was rooting for the heat, I thought it was unfair to fault LeBron for changing teams, but at this point I'm starting to get the 'frustration' with him.

The entire 'what should I do' commercial, or the Miami launch party, and now his post playoff comments...really? Magic said it best, why couldn't you just say "sorry to my fans, we'll get them next year" but no, he had to act like he is better than everyone.

The way Lebron is handling this makes me happy that Dirk and Jason Kidd got their rings. There are many great players who lost in the finals, MJ for example, it's not easy and until Lebron has some respect or knows his 'place' he will never know what it takes to be a champion.

My fav joke: Don't ask lebron for change for a $1, he only has 3 quarters.