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Originally Posted by Freakazoid View Post
BTM to play devil's advocate, (and frankly because I'm enjoying the debate here).
One could say the same thing about any of the deserved/successful/legitimate revolutions in the past as well.
Viewed as terrorism? Check.
Hiding faces? Check. (not always though)
An initially unclear and chaotic end goal? Check. (i.e. 'we want freedom', but don't know how to get it)

Are we in need of a full out revolution? No. But I see where this is coming from I guess?
"Freedom," while an encompassing term, is not an unclear goal. There is a significant difference between historic "real" oppression by institutionalized ruling classes, forms of gov't, etc...

Nothing to this degree exists in the US anymore. No matter what you want to say about the upper 1%, the gov't, lobbyists, conspiracies, I don't even know what else, absolutely nothing this society is faced with is in the same breath as slavery, for example. Anyone, black, white, whatever, who want to equate current life in the USA to slavery, in any regard, is ignorant and insensitive to the issue.

The Fed is not going out and killing people. It is not holding them against their will. It is not THE ONLY REASON you may have less money now, the economy is not recovering as quickly as we would like, and ousting Ben Bernanke, whether through legitimate or illegitimate channels, is not going to catalyze change, nor guarantee that his successor will be any more effective at inducing economic expansion.

Every major historic turnaround had an obvious, identifiable, and target-able "enemy," be it an institution, a form of gov't, and figure of state, whatever. Anonymous doesn't have one. Regardless of how they view themselves, they will do nothing but try and gum up the works from time to time. They prove ineffective, go away for a while, and then come back with another unsuccessful endeavor.