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Originally Posted by BTM View Post
They demanded change, they got it. I agree there is a lot to improve, but don't think Anonymous is the only group "doing something"

There are absolutely doing something that rational people, truly interested in change won't do. Terrorism, let alone pseudo-terrorism, has never done anything but tarnish the "terrorists" cause, no matter how noble the cause might be. If Anonymous was really interested in improving things, they will stop with all the ridiculous hacking, and go about achieving their goals in a visible and productive manner rather than hiding behind computer screens in other countries. If their "idea" is so correct, they won't have anything to hide.

The fact is they don't know what they're doing, what they stand for beyond a few generalizations, their organization is ineffective, and will continue to be. Which brings me back to my original point, that if they want to make a difference, get educated, get a job, see how things really work and once an understanding of what they're trying to change is obtained, maybe someone will offer something of value. At that stage there will be no reason to be anonymous.
BTM to play devil's advocate, (and frankly because I'm enjoying the debate here).
One could say the same thing about any of the deserved/successful/legitimate revolutions in the past as well.
Viewed as terrorism? Check.
Hiding faces? Check. (not always though)
An initially unclear and chaotic end goal? Check. (i.e. 'we want freedom', but don't know how to get it)

Are we in need of a full out revolution? No. But I see where this is coming from I guess?