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Originally Posted by just4kickz View Post
so it was wrong for the aztecs/incas to sacrafice people to appease the gods?

how can you even say civilization requires moral absolutes... MANKIND IS IMMORAL... civilization is a facade... MANKIND IS NOT CIVIL. mankind has never been pure and never will be... and all you can really do at this point is say oh what a shame they live in a backwards world"... lmao

only reason i seem on the other side is because theres no point in agreeing with you guys... i def think this is wrong but i would also accept it if it was part of their religious/cultural laws...
Yes it was wrong to sacrifice other human beings and if you cannot see that I have nothing further to say.

The reason you ARE on the other side is because you find this behavior in any way acceptable. Man is not perfect but that does not make our flaws acceptable. Society and civilization exist because we can and must draw the line on acceptable behavior.

All societies and cultures are NOT equal. Some are superior to others and arguing otherwise simply extends the life of those that need to be changed.

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