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not quite. Sport Auto has not conducted their own test of the GT3 RS 4.0 yet.
That time is a manufacturer time which tends to be lower than HvS laps but with porsches they are pretty close.

Sport Auto:

GT2 RS - 7:24
GT3 RS (3.8L) - 7:33

Porsche Claims

GT2 RS - 7:21
GT3 RS (4.0L) - 7:27
GT3 RS (3.8L) - 7:31

Also as another reference, the current ZR1 time is 7:19.

GM claimed the first generation ZR1 did a 7:25
Sport Auto with HvS driving did a 7:38.

all in all, the times at the ring are very hard to repeat. way too many variables on that track even on the same day with back-to-back runs.

The Mezger engine in the GT3's is a work of art. It was originally used in the GT1 and has been in every GT 911 car since. It is also the same engine used in the 911 GT3 Cup car. The porsche community is now worried about the future 911 GT3 engines as the 4.0 is the final farewell to this engine. Porsche folks don't like change much as evidenced by the 911. Its all about evolution and refining what works. On the flip side of the coin BMW tends to take a more radical approach and reinvents itself, never looking back. I actually like both approaches which is why I think I will always have both products in the garage.

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Apparently the crankshaft used is the exact one from the 911 GT3 RSR race car. It sounds like an actual race car with registration plates, a 7:27 ring time is the claim.

If that is true, it's only 3 seconds off of the GT2 RS time and a massive 13 seconds faster than the 911 GT3 RS. The "standard" 911 GT3 is 7 seconds slower than the GT3 RS. All of these times are for Sport Auto by the same driver, Horst Von Saurma.

So, the difference between the "Super Extreme Hardcore" Porsche, and the "Super Hardcore" one is almost double the difference between the "Super Hardcore" version of the "Hardcore" one.

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