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Originally Posted by Kiemyster View Post
I always was the biggest poster child for halo, but shit... im tired of it. lol im being honest.

BATTLEFIELD? never got tired of playing it. And im sure to say I have at least wasted 3000-4000 hours of my life playing it. If i can die with a total playtime of BF series @ 30,000 hours i think i can say i died happy.

I dont think halo has any playability after 900 hours for ALL of the series. While I will get Halo 4, i know im not going to reach farther than lvl 5 online. Because ill be like : where's that battlefield though?
30k hrs in BF would be awesome. I played 2800hrs of BF2, loved every min of it

Halo is a completely different FPS with its 4v4, small maps and very set weapons that you have to pick up. That combines for a very incredible competitive experience which i loved even more than BF2 honestly. I feel that if you get a team of 4 together for Halo, the playability is infinite.

Tribes 2, Halo 3 and Battlefield 2 are the only 3 games ive played constantly for a year without getting bored. I'm so syched for all their sequels coming out