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Originally Posted by CAPSGOD View Post
New E/CLS AMGs only have rear air, so more complicated to modify.
fyi, it's not difficult at all to drop the W212 or the W218. Use lowering springs and change the angle on the sensor of the factory link and it will push the shocks down. The Airmatics are done easily through SDS (no reason to buy a module.) But when you change the geometry like that it will put stress on the shocks no matter what. Stock is really a better set up actually. And a big issue with this chassis (and the W211 and W219) is introducing more negative camber then what's all ready there. Tire wear becomes too much of a factor.

Anyway, I never mentioned modifying. The poster said he wanted Airmatic in the CLS550 (non-AMG.) and liked that you can drop it. I simply replied that the AMGs have DIFFERENT tuned Airmatics over the non-AMGs. AMGs and non-AMGs have different Airmatic valving. Point being that the Airmatic in the CLS550 is not the same as the AMG Airmatic, whether it's the P30 tuned AMG Airmatic or the standard AMG Airmatic. The new CLS550 still has air suspension on both axles with the two sensors up front and the one at the rear. The AMG W212 and W218 are stiffer than the non-AMG versions, is all I was saying.

Here's his post:

Originally Posted by Murph335 View Post
guys you are forgetting the best feature of the V8 bigger benz line (550 and up), AIR RIDE!!! raise and slam it for the money stance tucking those fatty HRE wheels with one button, and a wired module. Ride and harsh as you want one second, float on a cloud the next. Now that there is a car with v8TT, 4drs, airmatic, another CLS550 sport will be the way i go.

coilovers, springs, etc never ride the same as airmatic.

Really thought bmw would do air at least in the X5 (rear air only)