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why not civil union w/ full benefits w/ respect to insurance, hospital visitation, wills etc? 'Marriage' is simply a term which is 'loaded' with som many meanings...why is there such a premium on 'marriage'??? My .02 is that the gay rights activists want to (for lack of a better word) 'normalize' their sexuality. I'm not geneticist but I'm not certain that its 'normal' ie...IMO, if it was we'd have half the population gay...also, why is it that most gay couples have a masc/effeminate personality ascribed to one partner? I'm NOT going to call it a defect etc...but simply 'human'. Regardless, if we were to be completely honest, it would not be a 'norm' why ascribe 'marriage' with all its loaded connotations to it? As far as being able to love one another why is civil union not good enough with all the benefits of marriage? I think that some of the extreme activists want to be recognized by state and church...

My opinion, marriage is too loaded and should be recognized by a 'church' while the civil union is in the realm of the state. BTW, from what I understand, some marriages aren't reciprocal in other states, 'officially'..more credence to civil union rather than marriage. 'Marriage' is a moniker to be recognized officially by the church in my opinion. To each their own.