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Originally Posted by Capt Slow View Post
Apparently the crankshaft used is the exact one from the 911 GT3 RSR race car. It sounds like an actual race car with registration plates, a 7:27 ring time is the claim.

If that is true, it's only 3 seconds off of the GT2 RS time and a massive 13 seconds faster than the 911 GT3 RS. The "standard" 911 GT3 is 7 seconds slower than the GT3 RS. All of these times are for Sport Auto by the same driver, Horst Von Saurma.

So, the difference between the "Super Extreme Hardcore" Porsche, and the "Super Hardcore" one is almost double the difference between the "Super Hardcore" version of the "Hardcore" one.

And breathe out...
Love the idea of the last of the Mezger engine going out with a bang, however, the 991 GT3/RS due in two-three years will likely eclipse the 4.0RS, with >500HP, offer optional PDK and enhanced handling for about $50k less. That is a fact, that will likely hurt buyers of the 4.0 exclusivity limited to 600 units word-wide or not. Hopefully the residual on my .2 3 will yield enough so that I can order a 991 911 GT3 RS. I at least have the first right of acceptance or refusal at two dealers.