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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
I know what you mean, Im well aware of the tq curves...but as you can see even at low rpms the GT3 is making more tq than the m3 at low revs and makes almost as much at low rpms as the m3 does at peak. Once you get into the area where the vario cam and vario cam plus kick in, the GT3s tq is killer for an NA car, thats where you see it ramp up and stay remain very strong during the point where youre going to be using it most of the time on a track. The GT3 puts down more tq at any point in the rev range and holds the tq longer as well, being that the final tip for the GT3 is ~7300 while the M3s tq takes it final dip at ~6300, so the GT3 keeps producing all that tq for another 1000 rpms. Few cars have top ends like P cars do and as good a top end the M cars have, they dont touch P cars.
And thats the power/tq curve from a 997.1 GT3, the 997.2 is only that much stronger, and the GT3 RS 4.0 is stronger again.

This is exactly right, the GT3 puts down more power at low rpms than the M3, combined with lighter weight it also FEELS that way if you drive the two. The GT3 feels much strong than even the numbers show.
Good points. The .2 GT3 you mention as having better torque than the .1 GT3 is absolutely true. Porsche added vario-cam to the exhaust valves (first time for this) of the .2 which dramatically improved torque across the rev range; much more than the 299 and 317 numbers (respectively) suggest. As you said it doesn't hurt when the GT3 weighs in at 450-500 lb less than the M3. My .2 GT3 feels so strong everywhere I never miss the loss of power from my previous .1 911 turbo. Sure nothing really compares to marching up a mountain side in a boosted HP German car ~especially a 911 turbo~ when you're on that mountain but the .2 GT3 never lacks for power.

I love when others say that it should because of what you pay for a GT3 or any car for that matter. You pay more you get more. When is more too much, $30k, $40k, $80k, >$100k? That's a question only the buyer can answer.

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